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Meet Our Team

Libby Edwards_PACT Picture.jpg

Libby Edwards

JPCI Garden - Lead Farmer & Site Manager

Libby has taken a winding path to this work and owes her current position to many who have
guided and inspired along the way. She is grateful and indebted to the professor in her master’s
program who introduced her to the power of growing food in urban spaces (thank you, Dr.
Singh!). This has led to work on various farms, both urban and rural, as well as a deep passion
and lifelong interest in exploring where small-scale vegetable production meets critical food
studies meets community development and issues of food security.

Libby loves to be outside in all weather, so that helps. And she feels there is no greater joy than
being in the middle of a big city like Toronto and witnessing a person’s eyes light up when they
crunch into that perfectly sweet and juicy green bean/tomato/pea/cucumber etc. taken right
off the vine.

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