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Through individual and group instruction from professional musicians, PACTMusic provides a supportive, nurturing, non-judgemental, and collaborative environment for youth to explore a variety of musical genres.


Students learn the basics of an instrument of their choice and take part in performing cover songs, as well as collaborating on writing and crafting original songs, with each session culminating in a community performance.


PACTMusic offers youth an opportunity to express themselves creatively and communicate around important issues and challenges that they facing in today’s urban environments.

The land where we gather to play music is in the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinabewaki, Mississauga, Wendake-Niowentsïo, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.



Over eight-weeks, students gather in our Etobicoke studio to work together and build relationships through music. Youth will learn to play a cover song on their instrument of choice before moving on to writing an original song.


This program culminates in a community performance and graduation concert which parents, family, friends, funders, and referral agents are invited to attend.

The PACTMusic Introductory program takes place in the PACT studio at
101 Portland Street, South Etobicoke.



Over a span of six-weeks with two days of recording, youth will be guided through a process of collaborative writing by looking at the finer details of crafting a meaningful song. Participants will explore aspects of lyricism, instrumentation, song structure, and more. We will look in depth at how songwriting can be a powerful method of self-expression and transformation. 


Youth will also have the opportunity at the end of the session to record the song in a professional recording studio as a part of the final performance. This will act both as a way to inspire youth and for us to help promote their artistry.



Exploring the process of digital music production.


Using Logic Pro, Macbook Pro computers, and professional equipment, youth learn the theory and techniques needed to produce unique, digital music.


Over 8-weeks, youth learn about sound, composition, and various modern methods to creating digital music.

Building Beats takes place at Artscape Yongeplace (lower level), located at 180 Shaw Street, Toronto.

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Participants will spend a considerable amount of time on pre-production before going into the studio, where they will learn about high-quality sound mastering and recording.

  • Youth who are interested in learning the engineering side of the industry will gain exposure to the skills needed to complete this type of project, particularly in the pre-production stages.

  • Youth will have the opportunity to go to a professional-quality recording studio (SKETCH’s Slaight recording Studio) to record their song.

  • Participants will take a trip to the Lacquer Channel to see their track taken to the next level at Canada’s forerunning mastering studio. It will be an inspiring experience for the youth to hear themselves in such a professional and high-quality context.

  • Participants will be able to invite friends and family to a listening party to hear what we have been working on.

Currently On-Hold

We believe that through the process of learning music, many important life lessons can be transferred in a safe and supportive environment.  Our instructors are very passionate about the opportunity to enrich the lives of youth in a context that pushes them outside of their comfort zones, while simultaneously helping them feel safe, heard, and at home.  When people feel they are in a safe space and are able to let their emotional defences down, this is when the true power of creativity allows them to blossom.


The value of learning through music

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