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LifePlan Coaching Program

1:1 Specialized life coaching for youth ages 13-19

PACT LifePlan Coaching (LPC) is a specialized, one-on-one, trauma-informed intervention that empowers youth to break limiting cycles, address needs, achieve goals, improve communication and wellness, and ultimately make long-lasting positive change.

LPC works closely with youth and their support networks in two main areas:

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In the Youth Justice System

Supporting youth in detention or diversion, on probation and in repeat conflict with the law


In Middle School

Providing 1:1 coaching and group programs as an early prevention program for grade 7 & 8 students

Through the individualized attention, structure, and accountability of working with a certified and professional life coach, youth become more self-aware in all areas of their life. They improve self-regulation, relationships and communication, as well as work towards a greater vision for their future. 

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Currently, youth are referred to PACT LPC through probation, youth courts, Toronto-area middle schools, lawyers, and other community agencies.


 Transformational + Evidence-Based 

PACT LifePlan Coaching is based on a proven conversational model that supports the youth we work with to make long-lasting, positive change.

PACT has coached over 200 youth in partnership with probation and the youth courts since 2006 and has seen positive outcomes with more than two-thirds of our clients over this time period.

How PACT is Different:

Coaching is an evidence-based intervention that draws on the approaches of many fields including therapy, mentoring, training and counselling, yet is uniquely different.


It is a conversational and strength-based process, focusing on the present and future, while working towards deeper learning, self-awareness, greater wellness and increased capacity.


PACT LPC empowers youth clients to shift perspectives, uncover new possibilities and build greater resilience. 

LPC Middle School Group Coaching

Launched in 2022, the PACT LPC group coaching model in middle school works with energetic grade 7 & 8 students in two high-needs Toronto neighbourhoods. Popular among the student participants, this weekly program provides a much needed supportive and empowering container to help younger students nurture positive relationships, strengthen social-emotional awareness including self-regulation, and build self-esteem.  


As part of the group coaching lunch sessions, PACT provides lunch and snacks, as coaches lead participants through engaging activities to support positive growth, mindfulness and a more peaceful environment.


The Process: 
What PACT Coaching Looks Like

LPC is based on a conversational process that can take place in a variety of settings such as a local cafe, a custodial facility, or outdoors in nature, depending on the goals and needs of the client. 


Coaches collaborate with youth clients, and act as listening, learning and strategy partners to help youth uncover their potential. Using various tools and exercises such as assessments, reflection, action and inner exploration, coaching is a proven, highly effective and distinct service that works to change behaviours, create positive results, and improve overall wellness. 


About Our Coaches

All PACT coaches are certified, professional coaches and/or are working towards professional certification with the International Coaching Federation.


As leaders in their respective fields, most PACT coaches continue to work with corporate clients, with youth in other areas, and as entrepreneurs and community builders. PACT coaches have all attended and received professional training at accredited institutions, and participate in ongoing, relevant training including trauma-informed practices, Mental Health First Aid for youth, and additional continuing education courses. 

Please get in touch to make a referral

Vice Principal, TDSB

PACT LifePlan Coaching has been a game-changer for our students! As a school administrator, it is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of the various needs of our students and communities. PACT offers just that: a safe space where students learn how to appreciate their strengths and work towards being the best version of themselves. Students work as the main stakeholders investing in themselves while learning valuable tools and techniques to support their overall well-being, performance and resiliency.


Thank you to the PACT team for showing up for our students every day. The power of life coaching for high-needs students is invaluable!

Former LPC Client

The PACT program will change your mindset; they give you the blueprint, but it's up to you to run with it.

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