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LifePlan Coaching

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PACT LifePlan Coaching (LPC) is a specialized, one-on-one, trauma-informed intervention that empowers youth, ages 13-21, to break limiting cycles, address needs, achieve goals, and ultimately make positive change.


As a proven early prevention program, LPC works closely with the youth justice system to support youth in repeat conflict with the law as well as the school system to support students struggling within the middle school environment.


Through the individualized attention, structure, and accountability of working with a certified and professional life coach, youth become more self-aware in all areas of their life, increase their self-discipline, improve relationships and communication, and set and work toward future goals such as obtaining employment and graduating from high school.

"The PACT program will change your mindset; they give you the blueprint, but it's up to you to run with it."  -former LPC client


 Transformational + Evidence-Based 

PACT LifePlan Coaching is based on a proven conversational model that supports the youth we work with to make long-lasting, positive change.

PACT has coached over 200 youth in partnership with the courts since 2006 and has seen positive outcomes with more than two-thirds of our clients over this time period.

 How We're Different 

Coaching is a specialized conversation process yet is different from mentoring and therapy. It focuses on the present and future, empowering clients to tap into strengths and values to make positive change.

Coaches are not an authority, but a listening, learning, and strategy partner whose job it is to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity the youth already has and is capable of developing.

Through various tools, assessments, and inner exploration, coaching helps to build self-awareness and capacity which is the foundation to recognizing choice and making more conscious decisons.


Currently, youth are referred to PACT LPC through probation officers and youth courts, Toronto-area middle schools, lawyers, and other community agencies.


PACT has a diverse team and community of professional coaches who complete formal training with third parties such as the Adler School of Coaching and are professionally certified before coming to PACT.


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