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Make A Meaningful Impact 

The PACT Urban Peace Program is a decentralized, results-based, not-for-profit organization. PACT is almost entirely privately funded through generous businesses, foundations, service clubs, and individuals. Your donations go directly towards supporting PACT programs. Please use the form below or email for more information about making a donation.

Here's what your donation will provide:


Provides four food-insecure families with a month of fresh produce!


Will cover the cost of one curriculum linked environmental workshop for up to 25 students!


Pays for one weekly specialized life coaching session for a high-needs youth.


Pays for a month of specialized life coaching sessions for a high needs youth.


Pays for one weekly lunch club group coaching session (including food and materials) for six high-needs middle school students.


Pays for three hours of weekly music instruction for underserved youth in the PACTMusic project.

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