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Community Compost Exchange Market


Our Community Compost Exchange (CCE) program is an innovative garden initiative that turns kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost. Local families are encouraged to trade in kitchen scraps for fresh, organic produce and in turn, receive "garden dollars" which can be redeemed at weekly markets.

The CCE program is an accessible, cyclical, and sustainable model of exchange and growth that helps create healthy, connected, and food-secure neighborhoods. Community members in under-resourced neighbourhoods can become involved in an inclusive, dignified and productive way.


Weekly community garden markets and community dinners bring people together to share stories and a meal, and leave with a full bag of veggies.

Each year, the gardens produce an astounding 20,000+ pounds of organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers – most of which is given directly to community members, donated to local food banks, and sold at our weekly markets with all proceeds going back into the program.

The CCE Program and weekly markets are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please see our new Fresh Food Box program!

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