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Our Story

The PACT Urban Peace Program is an award-winning, outcome-driven, and equity-minded registered Canadian charity. We are committed to supporting and empowering youth, families, and seniors, systemically under-resourced communities, and youth in the criminal justice system.

 Our Mission 

To strengthen community wellness by supporting and empowering youth, families, and seniors within nurturing, inclusive, and accessible environments. We develop, deliver, and scale our best-practice community programming, food security initiatives, youth life coaching and mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities. PACT creates strategic community partnerships with organizations that share our values and goals.

 Our Vision 

Vibrant, thriving communities that are inclusive and accessible so that every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


What We Do


We help youth explore their passions, build self-efficacy and social emotional skills, while giving back to their communities through Youth Programs.


We strengthen community wellness, provide safe spaces for belonging, and address

food security through our Feeding Programs and Urban Farms.


We enrich and support education through experiential, activity-based workshops delivered in our Grow-to-Learn Outdoor School Gardens.

Cutout Stars

We build capacity and encourage positive change in youth, both within the school system and the criminal justice system through our Lifeplan Coaching Program.



PACT is a decentralized, social-based organization run with committed and passionate project leaders and instructors who are often experts in the community. Typically, project leaders are industry professionals actively working or studying in the given skill area. PACT is made possible through the leadership and support of many volunteers, social entrepreneurs, and social innovators.


Contact Us

General Inquiries,
School Programming Inquiries,
Community Relations
LifePlan Coaching Program Inquiries

Rachel Schwab


Grow-to-Learn Garden Workshops &
Field Trips
Donations and Partnerships

David Lockett


Mailing Address

PACT Urban Peace Program
312 Brooke Ave
Toronto, ON, M5M 2L3

Program Referrals & Registration,
Media Communications
Corporate Volunteering Opportunities

Madison Rochwerg

Grow-to-Learn Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Dan Cornacchia

PACT builds peace and hope in our communities by supporting and empowering youth, families, and seniors through integrated, best-practice programming.


Most PACT programs, including school garden field trips and summer camp, are provided free-of-charge to youth ages 13-21.

PACT does not receive government funding but instead, relies on generous financial assistance from businesses, foundations, service clubs such as Rotary, and individuals.

Please consider making a donation through Canada Helps or contact David Lockett at 647-993-0726 or

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