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LifePlan Coaching:
Referrals & Registration

 How It Works 

Youth are referred to PACT by youth court judges, probation officers, middle school staff, and other community agencies and partners. PACT arranges an intake assessment with the youth and/or parent guardian to assess suitability.

Participants are matched with a professional life coach who they meet by phone, video, or in-person in the community on a weekly basis.

PACT continues to identify and address needs, advocate on behalf of the youth, make referrals to additional supports, and assist with goals as applicable.

Quarterly assessment meetings with the youth, parent/guardian (if applicable), coach, coach manager, and referral agent to further support and provide continuous care.


A comprehensive intake assessment helps to identify the youth who are ready for change in their lives, can articulate their goals, and are open to accepting help in order to achieve those goals.

PACT will look at every potential candidate on a case by case basis to determine any restrictive conditions on probation orders that may prevent full participation in the program.

For more information about the LifePlan Coaching Program or to make a referral, please contact Rachel at or 647-360-8774.


Potential candidates from the Youth Criminal Justice System should be:

  • Ages 12-19 years old and charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act

  • Have been in repeat conflict with the law and/or have a notable chance of re-offending

  • Facing incarceration or nearing release and on probation or other judicial order for one year or more

  • If applicable, be actively addressing primary concerns such as shelter, mental health or substance abuse issues

Potential candidates from the school system should be:

  • Actively enrolled in and attending middle or high school

  • Currently struggling in the school environment

  • Already are or beginning to fall behind in their academic progress 

  • Displaying a pattern of non-compliance and/or disruptive behaviour that is or could result in an increase in disciplinary action

  • Committed to the coaching process in order to fully benefit from the support of a life coach

Potential candidates should:

  • Desire a change in their lives

  • Can engage and establish a relationship of trust with their coach, show up to meetings, and take the small steps required to achieve positive change

  • Can identify values and strengths

  • Can identify and articulate a positive vision for their future, are in the process or completing high school and/or exploring other educational pursuits and have an idea of what they may want as an occupation or career

Click here to download our LPC brochures for the Youth Criminal Justice System and the School System.

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