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Meet Our Team


Alan and the Chief of the Amazon Rainforest.

Alan Jamieson

Indigenous Gardens Coordinator

Alan grew up learning from Native peoples on both sides of the Niagara River.  He was able to travel extensively through North America visiting various Native Nations and wisdom keepers. After years of learning to sing, dance, language, and history, it became clear to Alan that planting and farming are of the utmost importance.  Concepts such as the calls to action by the truth and reconciliation commission, along with the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous peoples, can be put into action in a garden.  Working the land is a way of reconnecting to our original ways for all people.  We are stewards of the land and the concept of food security is not new.  It was a common practice for Native peoples around this region to store food for over five years.  For this reason Alan has a collection of heirloom seeds that others have shared with him.  Native prophecies warn of a time when humans will have a choice, either to live in harmony with the land, or continue down an environmental destructive path.


Alan is a current student at The Toronto Metropolitan University and is studying urban agriculture.

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