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Meet Our Team


Silke Henke

Life Coach

Silke is an ICF certified professional coach who works with coaches, leaders, youth, executives and those wanting forward movement in their lives. Her life philosophy is that like all of nature; you are either growing or dying. As such, she has a deep love of nature, often coaching in the forest among the trees, and enjoys facilitating group coaching and learning.


As a teenager, Silke was an international competitor in Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics, a sport that taught her a lot about commitment, dedication to a goal, creativity and teamwork. She has a university education in Math for Commerce and Psychology, and loves to learn. Before the 2020 pandemic, Silke spent 25 years building a business from scratch in the education services and children’s entertainment field - this involved not only learning performance skills, but building a team of 30+ performers and educators meeting the needs of schools, corporations, entertainment agencies, government agencies, BIA’s and more. She credits this experience as helping shape her as a coach and learning to work with all kinds of people at all different stages of life and work. 


As a coach, Silke is honest, authentic and lives from a place of deep gratitude. She is a single mom of two wonderful daughters in their 20’s, sister to three, daughter to two aging parents, aunt to many. She is a creative soul, and enjoys writing, drawing, painting, and photography. Her favourite hobby is trailblazing, literally and figuratively: she loves to design and build hiking trails for others to enjoy, in acres of untouched forest. She also loves to design and build new trails in people’s minds!

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