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Meet Our Team


Micah Sky


PACTMusic Instructor

Creative Songwriting

Private Lessons

Micah Sky is a Toronto born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and educator.  


Micah started playing piano when he was 7 years old. Beginning in the classical world, as most students do, he quickly developed a taste for improvising and writing his own music. He joined his first rock band in junior high and played his first gig that same year, discovering a love for live performance that still drives him to this day. A devoted student of music, Micah taught himself drums, guitar, jazz theory, music production and songwriting in the years that followed.  


Micah now wears a number of musical hats. In addition to writing, recording, and producing his own material, he also writes, performs and produces with electronic duo “Cloud Ultrasound”, funk and blues band “Pudding”, and plays keyboards for blues and soul artist Conor Gains, as well as several other local artists, including Paul Reddick, Dave Borins, David Celia, Erik Shramek and The Caution Jam. He performs classic covers at markets and festivals across the city under the name “Sky & Rose” with his partner Liana. He’s also played on festival stages and venues across North America with a variety of artists, including Yossi Fine at the Joshua Tree Music festival and Conor Gains at the TD Jazz festival in 2018.


In addition to performing, Micah also teaches music at the PACT Music School, with Jamlab Music, and privately with his own students. He takes great joy in illuminating and nurturing musical creativity while giving his students tools and techniques to create and grow on their own.

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