Meet Our Team


Mariela (Marla) Libedinsky


Thistletown C.I. Garden Site Co-Manager

Mariela was born in Argentina and immigrated to Canada with her immediate family in 2001. She has an HBA in philosophy and political science and a MA in sociology. Her reading and writing focused on mental health outreach, applied ethics, and understanding community responses to minimized access to social security and general civil rights.


To help improve her mental health she took up gardening and became involved in mutual aid organizations. In her first growing season she produced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil, which allowed her to mitigate some food costs at home. Mariela has worked as the Chef Coordinator for The People’s Pantry Toronto where they organize neighbours to cook and deliver meals to people in need for free, no questions asked. 

Last year Mariela assisted at the CAMH Sunshine Garden where she elevated her learning for urban farming and ecotherapy practices. She has experience with herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, compost and pollinators. Some of her favourite things to do in the garden are prune the tomato plants, refresh the water for the birds, and take macro photos of the bees. She also enjoys experimenting with making jams, hot sauces, dried bouquets, pigments, and art from the garden. When she’s not at the garden Mariela works on sewing quilts, watches Star Trek, and spends time with her cat Koko.