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Meet Our Team


Mariela (Marla) Libedinsky


Grow-to-Learn Program Manager

Mariela was born in Argentina and has been living in Ontario for over 20 years. She has her HBA in philosophy and political science and a MA in sociology focused on mental health outreach, applied ethics, and understanding community reactions to cuts and in social security and breach of civil rights and liberties.

To help manage her mental health and mitigate rising food costs she took up gardening and became involved with The People's Pantry.  A volunteer-run food security focused mutual aid organization in the GTA. Some of her favourite things to do in the garden are prune the tomato plants, refresh the water for the birds, and take macro photos of bugs and bees. At PACT she works to support the Grow-To-Learn team and expand the information and skill sharing network around farming, food autonomy, cooking culture, heritage advocacy, and climate protection. She enjoys experimenting with making jams and art from dried flowers, and when she’s not at the garden or on a hike, Mariela is likely to be found at her sewing machine, watching Star Trek, or playing with her cat Koko.

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