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Meet Our Team


Ayumi Akimoto

Thistletown C.I. Garden Site Co-Manager

Ayumi grew up in a rural area in Japan, surrounded by rice fields and forests. Her first trip to Canada was in her senior year of high school as an exchange student. After finishing her Associate Degree in Yokohama, Japan, Ayumi moved to New York City with the goal of becoming fluent in English while attending college in New York. After completing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, she has worked as a horticulturist at several gardens and parks in New York City. Most recently Ayumi came to the University of Toronto to complete her Master's Degree in Forest Conservation. 

Ayumi's hobbies include drawing, camping, hiking and simply being in the forest. This is something she has been doing this ever since she was a child. Her passion for nature is what guided her to a career in horticulture. 

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